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Lamination Details

Bon Match Album mounting division has experience with a wide range of lamination applications. Please see our Swatch booklet for a complete listing of all the most common lamination materials we use.

Lamination adds durability, protection and a professional finish to any printed piece. Here at Bon Match Albums, we offer several different types of lamination finishes. If you have questions about your individual project, please contact our Customer Service. Wed be more than happy to help.

There are several different types of lamination finishes available to meet any need:

- A Pearlescent finish coating for when you are looking for a modern style and futuristic design
- BM Code (Default)

Matte is an extremely versatile heat-assisted laminating film, which adds a desirable satin-matte finish and cuts glare without sacrificing colour definition or detail.
- BM Code (MA)

Gloss is a heat-assisted laminating film that provides an excellent glossy finish to virtually any output.
This economical laminating film is coated with solvent acrylic adhesive accompanied by silicone coated paper release liner.
- BM Code (GL)

Canvas Matte
- BM Code (CM)
Emboss Matte
- BM Code (EM)
Drawing Kent Matte
- BM Code (DM)

Canvas Gloss
- BM Code (CG)
Emboss Gloss
- BM Code (EG)
Drawing Kent Gloss
- BM Code (DG)

Wood Matte
- BM Code (WM)
Leather Matte
- BM Code (LM)

Wood Gloss
- BM Code (WG)
Leather Gloss
- BM Code (LG)