The brand new Bible Series is inspired by the Fruits of the Spirit with a mission to provide this generation with the Word of God in NIV and ESV Translation. Each album was created to give glory to God, while showcasing designs and images correlated to the Fruits of the Spirit. The front cover designs illustrate powerful imagery of Christian symbols and bible verses designed onto the spine and last page of your Bible Album, with an option of our signature gold or silver foil stamp colours.

The "Album of Joy" is the first Bible Album released in our Bible Series. 

This front cover design was inspired by the Tree of Life of Jesus Christ, where our Joy roots from. In Exodus, God commanded Moses to write the Ten Commandments onto two stones. With these commandments, he introduced new laws that his followers would understand for generations. Today, we stand by a similar philosophy for our "Bible" line. With God's Words, we hope to create a generation and community that are willing to spread his word through powerful imagery correlated to the Fruits of The Spirit.

We live in a generation where we are shaped by what we see. With beautifully handcrafted Christian photo albums and stories captured onto your devices, we hope to bring together a community of visual artists where their faith in Christ is reflected through their photos.


The Bonmatch Design Team will be dedicating their time towards completing the Fruits of the Spirit Bible Album Series, along with future plans of more Christian photo gifts. With each product within this series, we will continue to incorporate modern timeless designs that can be shared for generations. For the Fruits of the Spirits product line, we will be providing high-quality handcrafted photo albums that are designed to potentially last at lifetime, and hope to create more affordable Christian photo gifts as well.

In order to create a design that lasts a lifetime, we require excellent handcraftsmanship along with high-quality materials. Unfortunately, with the future "affordable" line we will have to compensate with the quality so that photo gifts are more affordable. However, you will still be able to enjoy high-quality handcrafted photo gifts behind our quality guarantee.


We hope to create a brand with a community who stands by God. We are excited to see where his calling takes us and who joins us through this journey. We thank everyone who has been involved or shown interest during this process, and we hope together we make an impact on this generation.