Learn more about the unique features and elevated designs of our photo album, books, and gifts.

Wedding Layflat Photo Album
The Layflat Photo Album features ultra-thick pages that lay flat when opened, for a seamless panoramic effect.

Perfect For: Photos for your wedding, important events or a gift to your friend or family.  

Why we recommend it:

- The best photo album for personalization
- A great gift for your spouse, friend or family
- High quality prints and completely handcrafted
- Available in 33 cover materials
- Seven cover designs to fit any style
Pro tip: We recommend using our exotic or collective leather if you’re not using our foil stamps. 

Wedding BM Layflat Photo Album

The versatility of being able to share your wedding, baby, and other valuable stories is endless with our photo album. This album is available in nine cover materials, and seven cover designs to fit any style. 

Perfect For: Wedding photos, couples, engagements, babies, gifts, or other important events.

Why we recommend it:

- A great gift for your spouse, friend or family
- High quality prints and completely handcrafted
- Photo cover designed for replacing your images.
- Seven cover designs to fit any style
- Perfect for all occasions
Pro tip: When uploading your images for your photo album, make sure to title your desired front cover photo as COVER.filename.jpg.

Wedding Acrylic Layflat Photo Album

The Wedding Acrylic Photo Album is our classic photo album dedicated for weddings and only available with our exclusive original luxe leather. Designed for weddings, we ensure that your story is protected and showcased with our premium acrylic cover.

Perfect For: For wedding couples who are looking for a classic and artistic front photo album cover.

Why we recommend it: 

- High quality print and completely handcrafted
- The only photo album that has access to our exclusive Original Luxe Leather
- High resolution front photo cover
- A great gift for your spouse, friend, or family
Pro tip: When choosing your front photo cover, use a landscape photo with an appropriate amount of background visible in your image.

Wedding Photo Book

The Wedding Guest Book, also known as our "conversation starter" photo book, is perfect for all occasions and our most affordable premium collective.

Perfect For: Prints for engagements, couples, and other small events.

Why we recommend it: 

- Popular for engagements and couple shoots
- An affordable gift to give to your friends and family
- High quality prints and completely handcrafted
- Good conversation starter at weddings 
- A special coating for signatures (sharpies are recommended)
- Perfect photo album for grandparents and babies
Pro tip: When using the Wedding Guest Book as a signature photo book, we recommend using sharpies so that there are no unwanted smudges left on your pages.

Classic Photo Book

Designed for ease and comfortability for sharing your stories to your friends and family – with access up to 50 spreads and cordial ultra-thin papers, storytelling just got easier.

Perfect For: Prints for all events. 

Why we recommend it:

- High quality prints and completely handcrafted
- Flexible and durable papers
- Renoir paper offers a classic experience to your photographs
- A great gift for your spouse, friends, and family
- An affordable option for all occasions 
Pro tip: With our classic ultra-thin papers, make sure you do not put any important images in the centre because the paper does not have a seamless effect. 

Artisan Photo Book

Inspired by our Wedding Layflat Photo Album, the Artisan Photo Book comes with our slim high quality papers and finished with our matte coating – the perfect experience of a modern vintage film look.  

Perfect For: Prints for weddings or other big events. 

Why we recommend it:

- High quality prints and completely handcrafted
- High quality flexible and durable papers
- Great for all occasions
- A luxurious and modern experience of story telling, due to its unique paper and coating
Pro tip: Inkjet paper absorbs ink differently than you might expect – the colours have a subtle blend, making your image slightly smoother. The overall look will give you the trendy vintage film look.