Founder - Tony Oh

Tony had 10 years of experience as a professional wedding photographer before deciding to take his passion into the album industry. Bonmatch was established in 2003 in Vancouver B.C., by Tony with the intention of creating new platforms for photographers. However, over the years he has changed the heart of the company. He believes that joy does not begin from cherished memories or a click of a shutter, but from the moment an individual has a vision. Bonmatch stands today by helping others understand the true value of a vision and how it can contribute positively to this world because a meaningful creation comes from an innovated vision.

Sales & Support Manager - Rachel Kim

Rachel has worked as Tony’s assistant for 10 years before joining the team back in 2003. With years of experience working in the photography and album industry, she has established excellent interpersonal relations with customers and employees alike. Rachel believes the philosophy of respect, and joy is the key to having satisfied customers and a happy team.

Marketing Manager - Philip Oh

Ever since secondary school, Philip has always loved business. After graduating, he went into sales and began studying for marketing management. In 2016, he was given the opportunity to join the team to help establish Tony’s vision for Bonmatch. They both share the belief that joy does not come from a photo book itself, but rather, it starts from a vision. Philip continues to pursue his passion as a member of Bonmatch and is determined to help create the brand into something greater than just a professional photo book company.