Bonmatch Company HIstory


Our Start

In 1994, Tony Oh, at 32 years old, left South Korea for Canada. He arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife and son, unable to speak English fluently. 

As an immigrant it was difficult to find a job that would comfortably provide for his family. For one year he gardened, until his second child was on his way. In 1996, with the support of his father and the money he had saved he bought his first Hasselblad negative film camera and opened a studio in Vancouver. Tony’s career excelled quickly, he became a renowned award winning photographer in both wedding and studio photography. After 10 years of working as a professional photographer (3 years in Korea and 7 years in Canada), he opened his second business “Bonmatch Albums”. In 2003, he launched his first product the “Metallic Cover Album” with the original matte paper.


A Growing Reputation

As a photographer, he knew there were high demands for products in the professional photography industry that were not being fulfilled within Canada; so he was determined to create more services and products that would satisfy the professional market. From 2004 to 2006, Tony began attending local trade shows, which lead to traveling across the United States promoting his brand and working with renowned photographers. Looking for new ways to spread its wings, Bonmatch ventured into non-album product developments. In 2006, the company had launched their first Album cases, bags, frames, and more. Tony began working with renowned photographers across North America, who later on represented Bonmatch.


The Stretch

Tony had expanded into the American photography market, however, due to the economic crisis from 2007 to 2008, business with American photographers had become a challenge - so Bonmatch redirected their focus towards the local market. Since 2008 to 2016, the company had served local photography businesses.


A Consumer Market Expansion

In 2017, Tony’s son Philip had joined the team. They had redirected Bonmatch to the online market and re-branded “Bonmatch Albums” to “Bonmatch”. The company had opened its doors to all consumers, no longer just focusing on businesses but to end clients as well. Since 2019, products and services that were exclusively available to professional photographers were now accessible to everyone.

Bonmatch Today

Today, Tony and Philip stand by Bonmatch on a mission to bring joy to this world by bringing your vision within reach. From immigrating from another country and starting with a camera, Bonmatch has grown into a family business. The company stands today, serving an extensive range of products and services for everyone to enjoy. Before there is joy, there is always an idea.